Saturday, March 5, 2011

LA POK ESCAPES - Intent and Precedents

The intention of my research is to explore ways in which I can express my visual interests as an artist and convey these idea into landscapes. I will begin by establishing my approaches, techniques, rules and guidelines associated with my work, then combining this knowledge with specific interest I have acquired throughout the duration of this course. Focusing on Urban heat Island Effect and Living environments, with the ambition to create fun spaces.

I believe we are witness to a time, experiencing many changes in regards to technology and life style. As a Landscape Architect I think about this time of change and question whether, these advances are translating into our field of design. There are some exceptional projects going on at the moment, but the majority of work is very stagnant and predictable. For these reasons I believe that it is beneficial to the discourse of Landscape Architecture that I conduct my research in La Pok Escapes.

The method of research that will be of most use to me, will be acquired through building and creating concepts. These ideas will be presented as installations in street scapes. These projects will firstly have an inte­ntion of what I wish to test, then an outcome that I will be able to document. For example the success of planting schemes, public interest or interaction. ­­­Through this process I will be able to build a body of research into my topic of LA Pok Escapes and how I can design spaces­ in the future.

The precedents below are of aesthetics within built or representation of built environments that have greatly influenced me as an artist and landscape architect. 

Houses of Ndebele people of Africa. The colour and decoration of their homes is essential to their culture and livelihood. This is comparatively the complete opposite to us, as we opt for monochromatic world.  

The second precedent is of Two projects completed in  Brazil,  by The Dutch artist duo Hass and Hahn. These projects are quite simple concepts, but are so effective and overwhelming due to their scale. Bringing life to heavily concreted areas in Favelas, with bright and exiting patterns and imagery.  


Keith Haring is also a major influence to me as an artist. His work is defined by a very distinct and refined visual language. A select range of motifs are continually repeated at different scales and in different context, that give his work a fresh appearances every time.


In the same way the Howard Akleys work questions certain Utopian and Aesthetic ideals in the urban environment, La Pok Escapes seeks to redefine our preconceived ideas of luxury and juxtapose current landscape and architectural aesthetics. 

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